Subway Surfers reminds me of Temple Run. But not so brutal and gore. Setting in the train yard Jump into oncoming trains. With no visible end – like an endless
marathon. The Goal here is to evade the cops for Subway Surfers Hack


What will we do this? How to do this. Basically, we get this knowledge from the next chapter of my review. The Subway Surfers Hack we will describe there have only educational value and provide you with a full range of options like Coins, Extra and Unlock all characters. We constantly update and upgrade our tool for a better experience in the future.

Basic of the Subway Surfers


Jumping hurdles, dodging trains and take power-ups on the next level – the ways to evading the cops are many. Your arsenal contains power-ups or items a double-tap activate them easy. Heavy-style gameplay demand from you to be in the constant flow. The memory from playing Temple Run come back as soon as you start to play.

But developers are some kind skilled and avoid to clone TR. For thebeginners, there is a tilt mechanic for gaining coins. The power-ups add a level of variety to the gameplay the same as coins. What can you buy for coins? Boots increasing speed, jetback which will provide you to be above obstacles and much more. If you need currency for just 0.99$ its simple but product giving you a good amount of coins from just playing.

Summary gameplay is not revolutionary. Steer your character with swipes to avoid obstacles. Collect powerful coins and powerups. They are extra tricks like “no crash”, hoverboard powerup or moving platforms adding some kind of strategy to your runs. Having added to that – controls are very responsive and let you dig into the game. Also, the gameplay is addictive which is very positive.